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This workshop came as a beam of optimism in the unfortunate pandemic time when most of us are loaded with negative thoughts throughout the day by reading/ listening through media and individuals who feel there is no hope for tomorrow and that they are distant from everyone and lost in this world.
The workshop was thought-provoking and in straightforward language with each clarification/ explanation had a deep, profound association and significant effect. It kept us hopeful for a better place for everyone with love and respect for ourselves as well as others.
National Institute of Biologicals

Thanks Hitu.  Your session was enlightening for me and my scott family. We all had a very good time , especially  during the activities which taught us so much.  I have started loving myself and taking care of myself after that day.  I wish to attend more of your sessions so that i can keep following what you tell.  Last but not the least, you are a wonderful human being. I am grateful to almighty who made me meet such a kind person. Lots of love.


Vaishali Aggarwal.

Director, Scott Edil Pharmacia Ltd
I got to know about Hitu ma’am from a very close sister of mine. When I heard about her, I instantly started jumping because I was desperately in need of a mental health advisor and she came as a blessing to me. The techniques that she used to correct my distorted thought patterns are still helping me. She was there with me during one of the toughest phases of my life and she really looked after me to and took me out of that dark place mentally!
From becoming master of my emotions , learning to communicate efficiently and calmly, expanding my circle of friendships, I am growing each day!
She still has a very positive impact on my life and I really look up to her and aspire to become half as calm and patient that she is.
Hitu is by far the only therapist who I instantly connected with! She wants to listen and understand you and will go out of the way to help you and make you feel at ease.
Her perspective is a breath of fresh air. She has such a positive vibe, you have to give her a chance and trust me you won't regret it.
Dr Hitu is very humble and polite healer. I can’ forget that day when I met her first time. I was crying profusely, no family support, no career and I was completely hopeless. First time in my life, someone listened to me and understood me without judgement. In the span of three years, I have taken many sessions based on money, health, relationship, insecurity, fear etc.
Her sessions are soothing, reduces anxiety, panic attacks gradually. All of my anti depressants’ have stopped. I have learnt the power of affirmations, self love, mirror work etc.
She has done various kind of visualizations with me…………….they are amazing.
Now, I am a confident working woman, although I have been facing some serious health problems in my family but I have tools to lead a good life.
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