People and Relationships
People and Relationships

Until you shift to Mars, you got to deal with people and realtionships
Whether it is your love interest, your spouse, parents, friends, boss, colleagues, helper, in laws,… any person or relationship can be source of heart burn and unhappiness.
But by learning certain tools, changing mindset, becoming aware of non verbal communications, understanding other people point of view, removing the labels, you can take personal responsibility, strengthen your relationships and develop beautiful, trusting long lasting, loving relationships.


Will I be able to get your particular partner or give you a perfect fairy tale life.
The answer is big NO.
But I can surely help you in your lovelife by identifying your real blocks to love,
Whether it is lack of trust, fear of rejection or intimacy issues.
Also by uncovering what you think you want and what you really want.

Now imagine if you hired a world class designer for the dream dress.
And he asks what does it look like?
And you said, I have no idea, but I expect you to make it.
Same thing happens when you want someone to love you, cherish you, build a life with YOU , When you don’t really know who that ‘ YOU ‘ is.
I will help you understand *YOURSELF, YOUR DESIRES & YOUR FEARS and the way you relate to others.
We will be using law of attraction techniques to manifest more love and joy in your life.


It is essential skill to develop if you want to lead a fulfilling life.

Paulo Coelho says ” when you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘Not to yourself.

You feel guilty, selfish , not so good when you acknowledge your needs and desires above the family, friends, neighbors, etc etc or when you refuse someone something because you are really tied up, or when you tell your child to behave respectfully.

Setting boundaries is an art , it is not a discipline.
It is not building a wall, rather gate which some are allowed to walk in always, some need your permission and some can communicate only through intercom 😅. Also which you can shut temporarily to take care of yourself, to nurture yourself, to recharge yourself.

Believe it, boundaries guard your personal happiness and peace of mind too.

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