Mental and Emotional Wellness
Mental and Emotional Wellness

Can we change the environment, can we eliminate the source of stress and worry.
Yes, sometimes but most times the aim is to develop your inner and outer resources to deal with the ups and downs of life.
As you unpack your feelings, speak openly and vulnerably about yourself and others, insights and solutions start emerging.
Stress and worry come due to our inability to handle the situations and people or from expectations of yourself and others. As we deconstruct and analyze your thoughts non judgementally, you certainly start functioning better.


Deepak Chopra says
Every negative belief weakens the partnership between mind and body.

Looking to handle your emotions better, building resilience , equipping with tools to cope with difficult situations and people, or simply to feel more positive and energetic,
You are at the right place.

As human beings with hundreds of thoughts and emotions running through us continuously, we make many choices based on feelings, most of which are created by our perceptions of past experiences.
In such cases, tapping is the most effective tool which helps in flipping and creating better feelings which in turn lead to balanced emotions.
Emotions are E- motions; energy in motion.
Learn to transmute all your energies for your well being.


Self esteem reflects what we think about ourselves. It is a big contributor to well being.
Low self esteem is linked to feelings to self doubt and inadequacy.
It can stop people from following their dreams or finding lasting loving relationship.
From a poor body image, broken , unfulfilling relationships, not been given your due by loved ones, anything can affect your self esteem .
What is required is self compassion and Self appreciation.
We can together challenge your limited, negative self talk, build self appreciation with various tools and techniques.

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