We all desire good things in life. And there are times we do achieve as well but sometimes inspite of all our efforts, the fulfilling state eludes us.
Ever wondered why ?
We May want but do we think we are worthy?

The difference lies in desirability and desrevability.

“We don’t get what we want, we get what we are”.
So what are we ?
Confident or doubtful of our capabilities, our vision, our destiny, our worth.
And Our deservability is directly proportional to our self worth.

A simple exercise of becoming aware of how we recieve compliments/ gifts reflects our worth hence deservability.
Do we feel happy, graceful, worthy of good words/ things or we feel embarrassed, burdened, uncomfortable, want to return the favour quickly?

Unless we are ready to recieve, how can we achieve?

What makes us less worthy, less deserving?

Lack of self love, self acceptance lays the foundation of unworthiness.

Conditioning from our childhood where we learnt we have to be good to receive good. And if by chance we lacked the stereotypical goodness of behavior, marks, achievements etc. then how can we deserve all good.

Unfavourable Perceptions of our past experiences add on to our undeservability. How we perceive, infer, store and replay our failures and weaknesses also play a big role in making us less deserving.

Non grooming of our “Belief Garden”, allowing the limiting beliefs to grow unchecked, Inconsistent planting of
“positive beliefs” all leads to infertile soul soil, incapable of nurturing any good.

If we want to live a fulfilling life, create a brilliant future, it is time to raise our deservability.

We got to raise our deservability at all

3 Plans

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Physical
  1. Spiritual : Allowance..
    Journal all the reasons for your not recieveing, ranging from all your guilts, blames, weaknesses, feeling of not being good enough. Once written, burn the list safely daily till the need not felt to do so.

Look up the sky, Open your arms and do this declaration every morning.
I am worthy and deserving of all good.

  1. Mental : Stop the 3 C’s…
    Complaining, Cribbing and Comparing.
    As we are busy indulging in the 3Cs, We miss the Good Bus and deviate from the Manifestation Path.
    APPRECIATION is a muscle, it has to be built.
    We may not do false praise but We can certainly say “If they can have it, I can achieve it too” or
    “How wonderful it is to live a dream life/ drive a dream car/ have a dream job/ possess a dream house/ attract a dream love, I am willing to feel wonderful”
    The more you wonder and just appreciate the things, traits, achievements, the more you raise your deservability.
  2. Physical: What are you really doing in life to become worthy and deserving of your dreams ? How are you investing in yourself and your growth?
    Are you learning new skills, are you adapting newer tools and techniques to enhance your personality?
    If you want an awesome partner, how are you becoming awesome first?
    As We invest in our mental growth by reading inspiring books, applying various growth exercises and in our physical growth by exercising, eating well, grooming etc We gain loads of confidence, boost in our self esteem.

Start with either of the plane, it will lead to growth of others.
And this will lead to miracles as then
Not only do we accept the love we think we deserve…We accept the help we think we deserve. We accept the success we think we deserve. We accept the solutions we think we deserve. We accept the abundance we think we deserve.

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